Any commission I take comes with a guarantee that I will deliver an end result that reflects my experience and creativity.

I have been a professional writer all my working life and I can write creatively about pretty much any subject — always to length, always to brief, always to deadline. My copy is concise and easy to read and I’m a stickler for good grammar and correct spelling.

And any subject means any subject. What I don’t know, I’ll find out. With my newspaper background, I am strong on interviewing and research and I will write in the style my client thinks is most appropriate.

Every job is different. The cost to you will depend on how much planning is required, the depth of research involved and how many words you want me to supply.

My fee will be appropriate to the expertise and quality I can offer but I’ll try my best to work within your budget.

We’ll agree the price up front and, unless there are exceptional circumstances, that will be the sum you pay when the project is complete.

Contact me on

07930 424487

or email jonculley@yahoo.co.uk

Initial approach by text or email would be appreciated.

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