Web Content

Eye-catching design is important to creating an effective website. But a great-looking website will not attract visitors just because it is pleasing on the eye.

What really generates traffic volume is high quality original content that will grab the attention of the search engines and encourage visitors to come back time and again.

With more than 40 years’ experience as a professional writer, I’ve made my living from words. I can write creatively about any subject — always to length, always to brief, always to deadline. My copy is concise and easy to read and grammatically correct.

I write several times a week for quality national newspapers so you can be assured that my standards are high.

And as a skilled journalist, I know how to get my point across when space and time are at a premium, making sure the reader gets the information he wants quickly and clearly.

Those are just the disciplines needed in an effective web content writer.

But I can offer more than well-written and informative copy.

With my newspaper background, I come with polished skills in news-gathering, interviewing and research, enabling me to invigorate any website with fresh, newsy content, regularly updated.

And I know the role of keywords in making sure a website is visible, although my emphasis is on writing for readers rather than search engines.  A website needs its visitors to be interested enough in what they are reading to come back again in the future.

So you can expect me to provide content that informs the reader, helps build brand awareness if selling products is the website’s aim, enhances your website’s professional image and compels potential customers to act. You can contact me on:

07930 424487

or email jonculley@yahoo.co.uk

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